Orver s.r.l. is a company that is proposed today like a reality consolidated and affirmed inside the Verona fruit and vegetable market.
In contact with the principal Italy wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, offers to detailing, trading, exporters, wholesalers, operators of the middle and big distribution, etc., all the professionalit a range of products in continuos expansion for typology and quality coming from productions national, local and foreign (Spain, Holland ecc). They offer the customer a wide possibility of choice able to satisfy every demand.

Our company is able to guarantee all the customers to be in rule with the current national and European fitosanitarie dispositions.

Analysis and controls are periodically made near the competent organs, in order to assure a further good quality guarantee on all the range of our products.

Orver s.r.l. looks with interest to the continuos improvement of the business performances and to the satisfaction of the customer, assured with the professionalism of our staff and of our suppliers.

The attention for the packaging, the conservation and the handling of the goods am from always a firm chief of our company's.